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Delicate rescue saves stranded $1.7B US AEHF satellite

Air Force ground controllers delicately rescued a $1.7 billion military communications satellite last year that had been stranded in the wrong orbit and at risk of blowing up — all possibly because a piece of cloth had been left in … Continue reading

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«Транспорт-2011»: The perspective plane

The specialists of TsAGI launched the implementation of a complex of works for the replenishment of the scientific-technical backlog on the subjects of supersonic passenger and supersonic business jet (SPS and VTS) of the new generation. These aircraft will be … Continue reading

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The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has put out a call for experts to help build a swarm of satellites that would let soldiers overseas access near-live satellite images of their location, something not possible with current satellites … Continue reading

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Canada not rulling out canceling F-35 buy

TORONTO (AP) — Canada’s associate defense minister said Tuesday his government could back out of a multibillion-dollar plan to buy F-35 stealth fighters from the United States. Julian Fantino said that Canada is considering “if and when” to sign a … Continue reading

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Russia, Ukraine close to rolling out new Antonov plane

Russia and Ukraine are close to rolling out a new Antonov transport plane. They will start test-flying it this year and continue work to organize series production. Defence Ministers Anatoli Serdiukov and Dmitry Salamatin announced this to the press Wednesday … Continue reading

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France Decides Against Privatizing Military Satellite Communications System

France has formally scrapped plans to privatize its military satellite telecommunications system through a sale and leaseback formula after concluding that its defense authorities prefer to keep full ownership and control of the system, Defense Minister Gerard Longuet said March … Continue reading

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