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Iran unveils biggest indigenous drone Fotros

Iran has unveiled its biggest domestically developed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which can be used for reconnaissance and combat operations. The remote-controlled aircraft, dubbed Fotros, was put on display at the headquarters of the Iranian Armed Forces Aviation Industries Organization … Continue reading

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Iran to unveil Fotros indigenous strategic drone

The drone, dubbed Fotros, will be unveiled on Monday during a ceremony attended by Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan. Fotros is the biggest strategic UAV which has special capabilities. On September 28, the Iranian Army’s Ground Forces unveiled … Continue reading

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Iran mass-produces indigenous Shahed 129 UAV

The Islamic Republic of Iran has launched the mass-production of the indigenously developed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Shahed 129, which was unveiled last year. The technology to design and develop these types of drones had been in US control, but … Continue reading

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Iran, India to Sign Transit Agreement Soon

Tehran and New Delhi will soon ink an agreement to turn Iran’s Southern port city of Chabahar into a hub for the transit of Indian goods to Afghanistan. India is expected to sign a contract with Iran soon for transit … Continue reading

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India begins use of Chabahar port in Iran despite international pressure

Reacting to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s comments that the US was engaging in “very intense and very blunt” conversations with India and others like China and Turkey to stop importing oil from Iran in order to pressure Tehran … Continue reading

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Ofcom revokes Press TV’s UK license

Ofcom has revoked Press TV’s license for what it calls breaching of the broadcasting code. Earlier, Ofcom also hit Press TV with a fine of 100 thousand pounds. The British media regulator stepped up pressure on Press TV after the … Continue reading

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Iran most likely to send RQ-170 drone back to Obama

An Iranian non-profit company says it will honor U.S. President Barack Obama’s request that Iran return a drone that crashed there last year. But instead of the actual drone, the company says it will send miniature toy versions. A lot … Continue reading

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